Josef Kolesár

Welcome to my profile 🙂 and thank you for your interest in Maitri ..

The beginnings of my journey to a deeper knowledge of mental and physical difficulties, and subsequently also ways of healing them, go back to my early childhood. As a child at various ages, I suffered a number of serious traumas and attachment disorders. However, it took me quite a long time to fully realize that these difficult events significantly affected me in my daily life during adolescence and adulthood. Subsequently, this awareness started a new path of self-knowledge and experience with different approaches in exploring one’s own body and psyche. On this journey, I have met and meet wonderful people and teachings that help me, among other things, to remember what is the very essence of my life. I am very grateful for every step on this path and I thank not only all teachers and companions, but also the self-healing principle itself. I no longer doubt that this healing principle is available to everyone here. However, I see the secret in how to connect well with this principle and let it do its job..

Maitri is a wonderful and powerful healing tool for me, as well as a life principle that never ceases to amaze me. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be in the field of Maitri and to learn to hold an integral part of both the facilitator and the assistant.

I lead group breathing for a smaller number of breathing workers in Prague, České Budějovice, Vysočina together with my partner Klára and I also work on an individual level.
I also provide personal consultations in the areas of:
– Integration of experiences with extended states of consciousness, including psychedelic experiences
– Personal and spiritual development
– Mental and somatic problems

If you are interested in breathing or talking about your topics, please write to me or call the contact below. I am happy to meet you in person.

Work experience:
– 12 years of personnel management, project management, analytical and process activities

– 1 year gestalt therapy
– 9 years of psychoanalytic therapy
– 1 year coaching
– 4 years holotropic and Maitri breathing
– 3 years of intensive healing experience with psychedelics in a safe setting in the Amazon and Europe
– Male groups
– Bodywork – rolfing
– Meditation practice
– Ritual context – ceremonies of Native American cultures

Courses, training, learning:
– 3 years of university with a focus on personnel management
– 2 years PBSP basic and advanced group – children’s developmental needs, ideal interactions, gaps in roles, attachment
– Mindfulness
– Chinese massage
– Zen meditation
– Kayumari Stargate School – understanding and experiencing the ritual, being in service, extending life experience to a spiritual framework, expanded states of consciousness and the use of their healing potential
– 3 years program for guiding holotropic/alterted states of consciousness, studying natural medicine
– 2 years Maitri Breathwork training
Upcoming trainings: Focusing, Psychotherapeutic training

Tel: 724 708 664

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