Maitri Breathwork


Maitri Breathwork™, developed by Jyoti and Russell Park, is a technique for accessing altered states of consciousness to aid in spiritual development and healing and for integrating the discoveries made while in these states into our everyday lives.

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"Maitri" is the practice of unconditional friendliness, loving kindness toward oneself and others. Maitri Breathwork is a mediumistic work, which calls upon Spirit to utilize the facilitator as an instrument for healing energies.
The process used in Maitri Breathwork is a combination of deep breathing practices, evocative music and healing touch which calls forth images and messages held in the body and submerged in the unconscious. Through these revelations a profound process of personal transformation can begin. It gets into every nook and cranny of a person’s self – spiritual, mental, physical, emotional. It deals with non-verbal issues and body memories, which results in a thorough clearing out, a cleansing, and often a healing of physical or mental traumas.

While Maitri Breathwork is an individual experience, it is usually undertaken in groups. It is an all day process, and integral to the success of the experience is the establishment at the onset of a safe space, a safe container in which one can be comfortable undergoing this process. This is accomplished through the use of explanation, meditation, and ritual. Other aspects involve the use of herbs, music, especially drumming, bodywork, and hands-on support.

At the completion of the altered state experience, the participant is asked to make a mandala drawing, a non-verbal expression of their experience. At the end of the session, participants gather in a circle and may, if they like, share their drawing and experience. Sharing experiences allows participants to recognize aspects of themselves in other’s experiences. And in transcending their daily dramas and personal wounds in this way, they learn to practice "Maitri", unconditional loving kindness toward themselves and others. Additional support is offered after the session if desired or necessary.
Those undergoing the Maitri Breathwork experience come from many different aspects of life. They are authors, artists, actors, therapists, doctors, lawyers, healers, business executives, clergy, and students. They are men, women, married and single, adult and children. Perhaps 80% of the participants are in the process of becoming spiritually awakened or interested in spiritual development. The remaining 20% include those experiencing a spiritual emergency, including kundalini rising, or a traumatic medical or psychological problem.

Maitri Breathwork is a supportive technique to aid in spiritual development and learning and to help in the spiritual, psychological, and physical healing process.